Summer Camps

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9am – 10am, 7 – 8 yrs – Level 1, Beginner
10am – 11am, 9 – 11 yrs – Level 1 & 2, Beginner/Improver
11am – 12pm, 11 – 14 yrs – Level 1 & 2, Beginner/Improver

Level 1 players are new to the game or learning the basics of the game including, grips, ball hand eye coordination and the basic tennis shots (forehand, backhand, serve). This player is learning to rally and serve.

Level 2 players have experience of learning the basics and are now learning to rally over a net and get greater success to serving in to the service box. These players are learning to move around the court better and create more consistent tennis shots.

If you are unsure of your children’s level please contact Neil or Richard on or 07341 841 831.

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